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Letter – Coun Peter Wexham

From: Coun Peter Wexham, Lib-Dem Leigh.

Sir, Last Thursday at the Southend on Sea City Council meeting the Conservatives showed just how out of touch they are with reality. They called for a debate on opposition business to discuss if a pile of bricks put in Thorpe Bay that was a public work of art, from funds paid by developers.

All members of the Tory party in Southend had a vote a couple of months ago for a new leader and Prime Minister, where the winner chose uncontrolled tax cuts and that led to what was is now a weak economy crashing causing peoples mortgage rates to go up, costing house buyers up to £1000 a month extra and the people trying to get on the housing ladder to find that their dream was now out of reach.

There are working families in Southend that now have to rely on food banks which were never heard off during my lifetime. People invested their money with a mortgage on buy to let, find that their overheads have shot up and have to put the rents up, which their tenants cannot afford and have to go to the Council for help along with social security or become evicted with families that the Council has now to help.

Now we find that the local Conservatives burning problem is to spend 40 minutes in Council talking about a pile of bricks in Thorpe Bay as their top priority.

They are not fit to represent the residents of the City of Southend or their local ward residents.

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