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Points Of  View

Points Of  View

Points Of  View

Leigh On Sea News: Points Of  View – Letter from – Paul Fox, Woodfield Road, Leigh.

SIR, the illustration of the outside of the Proposed new Cliffs Pavilion in Your newspaper shows very hard surfaces outside, that look very uninviting.

I understand the council wants our city to have more green areas, so why are there no plans for grass, trees, and plants outside the Cliff’s Pavilion.

I would suggest there could also be an area where an out door theatre could take place, possibly a small Bandstand.

I do hope there is still time for second thoughts on these plans.


Letter from: name and address supplied.

SIR, in response to the letter carried in this week’s Leigh News, regarding vans parked on Blenheim Chase, this annoys me too.

However I suspect these are not peoples leisure vehicles. I believe someone is running a business from home, either selling leisure vehicles, or offering “storage”, thus dodging business rates and premises rates at the expense of the good nature of local residents.

I daresay these vehicles are taxed and therefore legal, but we should remember this is happening in a very heavy school drop off area, the very reason there is free parking.

That said these vehicles appear not to move for months on end and indeed some have been present for well over a year. We now have a towing caravan in the collection.

How long, I wonder, before travellers catch on and park up or worse, start parking in the actual park. Only then will the council take action.

NB Your photo caption states Blenheim Crescent, it is actually as in the readers letter, Blenheim Chase. Sorry to nit pick.


Letter from: Name and address supplied.

SIR, I read with interest the short item on Camper Van Parking along Blenheim Crescent.

I totally agree that this parking should not be for such vehicles and should be restricted.

I also note that similar vehicles are regularly parked on ‘Two Tree Island’ vehicle park adjacent to the slipway. This area which was primarily for the use of small boats launching on the slip way.

These large parked vehicles (Camper Vans) do not pay any parking fee. If it is required to launch a small sailing boat for example, the slipway charge is £20.00.

This launching charge is an outstanding overcharge especially as the large camper vans pay nothing.


Letter from: Eve Gilmore, Marine Estate, Leigh.

SIR, further to your recent report on the Cell tower in Leigh Broadway.

This tower in Leigh Broadway along with the other towers, whether it be monopole or phased array, is either a 4g or a 5g.  Cell towers are being rolled out by the telecommunications companies to bring in wireless connectivity as Southend is set to be a Smart City by 2050.

The Green Party Gentleman is correct in saying it is a telecommunication tower. All the new infrastructure, which has been installed around Southend is all Telecommunications infrastructure bringing in 5g connectivity and they all emit non-ionising radiation at various levels.

It has now been recognised that long term exposure to non ionising radiation can cause many problems, e.g. headaches, fatigue, stress, sleep disturbances, rashes, pain and aching muscles. More serious issues, such as leukaemia, can develop.

Many doctors and scientists spoke in depth about this subject at a recent seminar at the Royal Society of Medicine on June 14.

Like the scientist you quoted in the article, Professor Kent Chamberlin, who was himself a telecommunications expert and is a member of the International Commission on Biological Effects of Electromagnetic Fields, at first believed this technology to be safe.

However, when researching whether Radio frequency Radiation from Wireless Communication Sources were within safety limits, he realised the effects were real and that they were causing harm to the human and animal population.

He is amongst many who are calling for robust health and safety to be put in place to protect people working and living around this equipment who are being exposed to this non ionising radiation on a daily basis. It is called non ionising ‘radiation’ because that is in fact what it is – ‘radiation’. There exist protective health and safety measures, which are not being employed at the present time.

There is indeed a lot of scientific dispute on this issue, which is healthy, and we need debate. Unfortunately, there is huge polarisation within the scientific community. You will hear people tell you that these towers are safe if they are affiliated with the telecommunications industry.

However, the Insurance industry does recognise it as a risk, but will not insure against claims for damage from this radiation. This leaves no one who will be liable for the damage caused, not just by this tower, but the many that have been implemented in and around Southend.

There are many peer reviewed studies that show harm from wireless radiation, but these are being ignored by ICNIRP.

The World Health Organisation has classified wireless radiation as a possible carcinogen and there are many scientists calling for it to be reclassified as a carcinogen.

Conclusions reached by the Commission submitted in November 2020 stated that radiation from cell towers does indeed pose a significant threat to humans and the environment and it is noted that any new infrastructure antennas should be set back from residential areas and schools by at least 500m.

I urge you to look into this not individually, but also as a community. Unless we do, our environment, neighbours, friends and future generations will pay the price.


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