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Leigh News. Reader's Letters.

Leigh News. Reader’s Letters.

Leigh News. Reader's Letters.

LETTER from: Mark Flewitt, Leigh Town Councillor for Elms Ward, Borman Close, Leigh.

SIR, a more robotic voice I have never heard!

Before any ballot box results are declared, we have an alleged sage telling us that politics has never been part of Leigh Town Council, just who is kidding who?

If, by this, acceptance is made, that pretending you are “independent” or non political on Leigh Town Council, but stand as a branded candidate for the City, is somehow acceptable, then what utter hypocrisy is that.

Town and Parish Council’s up and down the UK have political groups on them and cope well with that.

For a first time, Leigh Town Council now has a large Conservative group, which will begin its four year term from May 9, let’s see exactly what happens before dictating history that hasn’t even happened.


Letter from: Coun Peter Wexham. Leigh Ward Councillor and environmentalist.

SIR, at the local elections last week have proved that a vote for the Greens means you get the Tories taking over the City Council.

The Greens want to save the Environment, as I do, but the first thing the Tories will do is cancel the re-wilding program on open areas to allow the wild flowers to grow so that the Bees and insects can thrive and pollinate the flowers and also supply insects and seeds to feed the birds.

If the Country and the World do not stop the decline in pollinating Bees and insects there will be no food for animals or people and we should all do our bit to help the natural environment.

The money put aside for the environment will probably be used to reduce the car parking charges, so more people will drive into the Seafront area.

Over the last years we have planted two trees for everyone that was taken out and this is needed, so there are a variety of age groups of trees, so they do not all mature at the same time, which is happening from trees planted in Edwardian times.

The Tories said they were planting two trees for one taken out, but they in fact were no where near meeting that target when they had control of the council before, so we will have to see what happens to nature, clean air and Climate Change under the Tories, because a Green Councillor, was elected.


Letter from: Carole Mulroney, Leigh Town Council councillor for St Clement’s Ward.

SIR, thank you to all the voters in St Clement’s Ward who gave me such a huge vote of confidence on Thursday.

I will as always endeavour to do everything on the Council to improve the situation in Leigh on a range of matters, which relate to the Town Council.

The three non party members will do everything we can to ensure Leigh Town Council remains independently minded with the residents at the heart.

St Clement’s ward showed its independence. People not Party.


Letter from: Coun Alan Hart, Randolph Close, Leigh

SIR, I would like to take this opportunity to thank those in Leigh who voted for me and to the Civic team who collated all the results.

There was an interesting confluence of parties last weekend.

There was a private one resulting from my return to LTC, a major one for a new King and a curious one with a capital P centered on Leigh Town Council itself.  A new Councillor stated that the public apparently sought a one Party authority, I would argue that such is hardly any form of democracy.

If there is a formula to interest the voting public in local administration (turnout in my ward being 33%) then I would like to hear it, meanwhile I reiterate my request that Party-centric Councillors leave their rosettes at the door of Leigh Town Council chambers.

Someone once said ‘we live in interesting times’, let us trust that the reformed Leigh Council remembers another maxim, namely ‘by the people for the people’.


Letter from: Lib Dem Coun Paul Collins, Eastwood.

SIR, I wish to express my thanks to residents of Eastwood, who have chosen to re-elect me as their City Councillor in Southend last Thursday.

None of this would be possible without the support of Donna and my long suffering family.

I will work for all residents, whether they voted for me or not, and I will remain visible and approachable at all times.

FOCUS, Councillor Surgeries and Street meetings will all continue, as before.


Letter from: Coun Judith Suttling, Herschell Ward, Leigh Town Council.  Marine Parade, Leigh.

SIR, I would like to thank the voters of Herschell Ward for electing me to represent
them on Leigh Town Council.

I am one of a group of people whose Conservative principles mean we wish to do our best for our community and I look forward to participating in the future.


Letter from: Jilly Hendetson-Long, Leigh

Charming Leigh

SIR, I spent the morning in Leigh yesterday. This charming little fishing town is so colourful and so vibrant, and I realised again why it us my favourite part of Southend.

There was a craft fair at the Leigh Community Centre where lots of local artisans were selling their work – everything from beautiful paintings to handmade jewellery were on offer.

Wandering through Broadway a little later, with the sea never out of sight for long, there were so many independent shops to browse; handmade chocolates, beautiful homewares, lots of charity shops –  and coffee shops and cafes aplenty.

No wonder so many people flock there. And what a nice reminder that summer is just around the corner – the open top bus, loaded with sightseers went by.

I cannot think of a nicer way to spend a Saturday morning! Thank goodness for Leigh!

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