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Leigh News. Rochford District Council local election results 2023

Rochford District Council local election results 2023

Rochford District Council local election results 2023

Rochford District Council local election results 2023

*indicates winner


Downhall and Rawreth

BELTON, Stuart Conservative  296

HEDGES, James Richard            Labour 126

*NEWPORT, James Edward      Liberal Democrats              1050     YES

RANDALL, Grant Robert Joseph            Reform UK              71


Foulness and Wakerings

*EFDE, Daniel Sonny   Conservative     731

HANNAN, Philip Terence          Labour 421

TAYLOR, Deborah Karine         Liberal Democrats              168


Hawkwell East

*MASON, Elliot Oliver Karn     Rochford District Residents           513

VALLANCE, Mark Anthony     Alliance for Democracy and Freedom            47

WEBB, Mike    Conservative    436

WHITE, Rachel Marie   Green 213

WILLIAMS, Victoria Mary        Labour 213


Hawkwell West

*BOOTH, Nick Rochford District Residents        870

CARTER, Toni Lorraine             Conservative    432

MONTGOMERY, Keith             Labour 166

WHITE, Andrew John   Green 134



*EVES, Adrian Howard Rochford District Residents              929

HALL, James Charles    Conservative 386

ROOKE, Ian James        Labour 233


Hockley and Ashingdon

CAPON, Phil    Rochford District Residents        455

*CARTER, Mike            Conservative    472       YES

DALBY, Leanne Jane    Green 126

GARDNER, Roger        Liberal Democrats          173

HARDING, Paul            Britain First – British People First      214

RIDLEY, Hollie             Labour 190



*KNIGHT, Tracey Dawn            Independent      982

LENCH, David James Michael  Labour 223

MOODY, Kelly Conservative    469



NORRINGTON, Patricia            Labour 300

*WARD, Ian Howard    Conservative    687

WILSON, Ian Clive       Independent      639


Roche North and Rural

IRLAM, Daniel Henry   Liberal Democrats          281

WALDRON, John-Barry            Green 256

WEIR, Myra Anne         Labour 358

*WOOTTON, Simon Ernest Conservative           409

Roche South

BROWN, Derek Henry  Liberal Democrats          200

HYDE-WILLIAMS, Shona        Labour 348

SPITERI, Samantha Nikita         Green 160

*WILLIAMS, Arthur Leonard   Conservative    490


Sweyne Park and Grange

*BREWER, Elizabeth Lucy        Liberal Democrats              1039

PETERS, Scott James    Conservative




s Name Description        Results  Elected

*PAGE, Sarah Jane        Liberal Democrats          1149              YES

RIDLEY, Billy David Lawrence Labour 130

ROE, Cheryl Edwina     Conservative



BEATWELL, Ian Philip Conservative    500

LINDEN, Richard Charles

*Doyle Liberal Democrats          942

RIDLEY, Lorraine         Labour 183


Adrian Philip     Reform UK        116


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