A FAMILY have made a donation to a Southend Hospital ward in thanks for the care their relative received.

The Redgrove family donated £2,030 to the Elizabeth Loury ward in memory, and in thanks, for the care provided to Mena, who sadly passed away in June 2021.

Mena’s daughters, Stephanie and Anna-Marie alongside granddaughter, Abbie and husband Howard visited the ward following the delivery of two sleeper chairs, both purchased with their generously-donated funds.

Stephanie said: “knowing that during a very difficult time for us, we could help others have a more comfortable experience means a lot to us.

“The ward and staff all meant so much to mum, and knowing when she was there and was being so well looked after brought us so much comfort.

“The staff are all amazing.”

A spokesperson from the hospital said: “Thank you to everyone that donated in memory of Mena.”

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